Outcome Based Education (OBE)


Outcome Based Education (OBE)

From the year 2015-16 the Outcome based education(OBE) is induced in polytechnic college. Earlier it was input based education were in the student used to follow the guide lines and notes given inside the class. The students were fully depending on teachers and results were important but now it is changed the result is not important, this is Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of student, throughout the semesters and the knowledge acquired by student is very important at the end of the program.


Karnataka is the first state in India to introduce Outcome based education(OBE) to polytechnic colleges. Under Outcome based education(OBE) the following grades attributes are considered

  1. Engineering Knowledge.
  2. Problem analysis.
  3. Investigation of Problem.
  4. Modern tool usage.
  5. Engineer & Society.
  6. Environment and Sustainability.
  7. Ethics.
  8. Individual team work.
  9. Communication.
  10. Lifelong learning.