Secretary’s Message

The word engineer may well have originated from the facts that the people developed the technical aids of warfare and defense which were then known as ingenia. However in Italy, surveyors and canal builders were also called ingeniarli.Towards the end of the 17th century the term ingenious had been suggested as a professional title for: scientifically trained technicians.

Engineering is the art of utilizing the great source of power in nature for the benefit, convenience and survival of mankind. In its modern form, engineering involves men, money, materials, machines and energy,. It is differentiated from science in that it is primarily concerned with how to direct the discoveries of pure science to useful and economical ends and formulate application oriented theories and practices from them. Engineering, therefore, demands creativity imagination and originality to innovatively interface with and modify natural phenomena to our advantage. It continuously seeks novel, cheaper and better means of using unfathomable riches on natural sources of energy and materials.

India has become one of the advanced country in various fields of engineering and technology in the world and particularly in the recent year it has archived industrial revolution through various national plants and projects. Hence, is a growing demand for well qualified and trained technicians in different realms of engineering and technology.

Smt. Anitha Nagaraj
Sahyadri Education Trust (R)