Our institution   provides financial aid to the needy and eligible students.  A number of scholarship and fee concessions are available for our  students and scholarships are given to the meritorious students.Award of scholarships, freeships and fee concessions to students is subject to good conduct, satisfactory progress, sufficient attendance and attending tests and examinations. Principal may withhold any benefit if he is convinced that the student has not fulfilled his/her obligation.


  1. Smt. Parvathamma and Sri Kollappa Gowda Memorial Merit Scholarship of Rs.2000/- each for the distinguished students of final year in each branch by Sri K. K. Nagaraja.
  2. From Aroor Ravi Memorial Trust,Scholarship- Rs2000/- each the economically weaker and merit students Completing the first year-5 students.
  3. Scholarship for poor minority Students.
  4. Scholarship for SC/ST Students.
  5. Scholarship for children of Ex-service-men
  6. Scholarship for children of teachers from welfare Fund
  7. Scholarship for children of SIWF
  8. Scholarship for children of Beedi Works
  9. Sri.N. kittappa Gowda sponsored scholarship for meritorious students
  10. Rolling shield sposored  by sri D. chetan in memory of founder Sri. M.R.D. Gowda for best outgoing student.