President’s Message

Dear Students,

Exposure to new experiences and better knowledge is a precidentcontinuous process  in the life but sharing the acquired knowledge and experiences with others and showing them the rights path is quite rare is quite rare quality in human being.

We must realize that we as Indians are not deprived of intelligence or glory of the country. Simply we are not aware of our greatness which is the cause of all troubles. Progress comes from confidence, which is rooted in the pride born out of knowledge.

 Let’s join our hands together and make efforts to bring up the world under way to spread hope and surety of the light in the life of the needful in a space of love, joy, freedom and responsibility through quality education.

 Let’s come together for a unique social cause and for uplifting the weaker section of the society. Our Institution requests you to support in all possible ways. It shall be social commitment to make use of our best effort.

Sri K. K. Nagaraj
Sahyadri Education Trust (R)